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Investing: Money Working for You

Lesson 4-4 Investment Strategy

Think you can’t free up money from your current situation to achieve your dreams? Think again. It is possible with purposeful planning and sensible strategies. But it won’t happen overnight. Discover common investing and saving strategies you can apply now as you gradually build up financial resources. Your efforts will pay off over time.

What You’ll Learn Start putting money to work by setting saving and investing goals. 

Taking it Home

  • Does your family have a shared savings or investing goal such as owning a home, paying for college or a family vacation? Based on what you learned in this lesson, what steps do you suggest to work towards achieving the family goal?
  • Consider what you would do with a money "windfall," such as a work bonus, tips or a generous gift. Analyze the payoffs and tradeoffs of investing any or all of the windfall.

Learn More

  • Read about or listen to advice from a reputable expert about investing strategies. Think about the pros and cons of what you read or heard. How might it apply (or not apply) to your investing game plan?
  • Learn from the mistakes of others and articles you have read. Create a top five list of financial “don’ts” that will help someone avoid financial ruin.

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Talking Points for Parents

While your teen is learning about saving and investing, consider ways to reinforce learning from home. 

  • Ask your teen to share what he or she is learning in class about investing strategies, including diversification and dollar cost averaging.
  • Find out what your teen is learning in class about investment strategies for longer-term goals.