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Section: Introduction

A budget is a spending plan that divides your income to cover your expenses and tracks how closely your actual spending lines up with what you planned to spend. To take control of your money and your financial life, you have to get organized — and the most effective tool for this is a budget.

When you create your budget, you organize your use of money into spending categories and then set your financial priorities. Budgets can help you meet personal financial goals, become better prepared for money emergencies, and lay the foundation for longer-term financial planning. Maximizing your money comes down to cash flow — the money flowing into your pockets as income, and flowing out as expenses and debt.

Budgets are not meant to be a starvation diet for spending. In fact, if your budget is too restrictive, you're less likely to stick with it. It’s best to create a budget that balances your desire to reach your goals with your desire to be satisfied with the ride.

This Budget Wizard will walk you through the steps of creating a monthly budget. Let’s get started.

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