Help with Your HSFPP Account

Q) I am a student; I do not know my username or password.

A) NEFE doesn't save student login information in its internal database, so NEFE is unable to view and retrieve student profile or login information. However, you can request your student username or password (or both) by clicking on the “Forgot your …” links on the home page. An email message with the information you need will then be sent to the email address used when you originally registered.

If you no longer use the account or used a fake email to register last September, you will not be able to retrieve any of your information. If this is the case, you will need to register again with a user name and email that hasn’t yet been used by anyone else.

Tip: If you save emails for several months, you might also search for the registration confirmation message you received immediately after you registered. This message contains your user name and password as a reminder to reference when needed.

First try the “forgot” links. If that doesn’t work, set up a new account. Good luck!