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Effective financial education requires more than an increase in short-term knowledge. Strong programs show changes in both attitudes and behaviors over an extended period of time.

What evidence do you have to provide if your program is successful or not? NEFE’s Financial Education Evaluation Toolkit ( has just been updated, making it easy to quickly create effective financial education assessments and evaluations. 

The improved functionality to the Evaluation Toolkit includes resources designed for HSFPP educators:

  1. Customizable templates that align with the each of the six HSFPP modules.
  2. Expanded question bank aligned with national personal finance standards, including Jump$tart’s national standards in K-12 personal finance education. 
  3. Questions that align with national benchmark surveys, such as PISA Financial Literacy Questions and Answers.

Why Evaluate? 

Evaluations can help: 

  • Prove the value of your program to funders and administrators.
  • Measure knowledge gains before and after your program.
  • Adjust the pacing and relevance of lessons to students’ life stage.
  • Assess the quality and fidelity of instruction.

  • Tools to Get Started

    Strong programs celebrate successes and face weaknesses head on. The Evaluation Toolkit makes it easy to get started:

  • Check out the Evaluation Manual for an overview of why and how to conduct an evaluation. 
  • Clearly define what you want students to learn, or be able to do, after your program.
  • Select questions from the question bank or write your own questions.
  • Automatically score your evaluations and use data to track student and class progress.
  • Evaluation Toolkit Logo

    Designing Evaluation Logo

    Design Your Evaluation

    Set goals for what you want learners to know and be able to do after they have completed the curriculum.

    Building Evaluation Logo

    Build Your Evaluation

    Create an evaluation to measure how well your education program achieves those goals.

    Using Evaluation Logo

    Use Your Evaluation

    Analyze your evaluation data to decide whether your program is meeting learners’ needs, the curriculum is high quality and if the program is being implemented properly.

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