Stories of Impact: Empowering Teens with Everyday Life Skills

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Post by: HSFPP
Special education instructor Wendy Costa shares her story of empowering alternative special education high school students with basic life skills.  Continue Reading→

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3 Easy Steps to Protect Your Online Identity

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Post by: Susan Sharkey
The Equifax security breach is a fresh reminder to be vigilant about protecting personal and financial data. While it may be tempting to sigh and resign ourselves to the fact that our personal data is at risk regardless of what we do, there are low-effort actions that can reduce the risk of financial fraud and save the time, hassle and cost of investigating and recovering from identity theft. Continue Reading→

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Can America Compete? 1 in 5 U.S. Teens Lacks Basic Personal Finance Skills

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Results from the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) show that one in five U.S. teenage students (22 percent) lack basic financial literacy skills. Among 15 participating countries and economies, the United States ranks 7th in the evaluation of 15-year-olds’ aptitude in understanding essential financial concepts, products and risks. Continue Reading→

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Registration is Open for the 2017 Jump$tart National Educator Conference

Post by: HSFPP
The Jump$tart National Educator Conference is specifically designed for classroom educators who teach personal finance. Each year we look forward to talking to and learning from amazing financial educators from all over the country. Registration for this year's conference in Washington, D.C., Nov. 3-5 is now open.  Continue Reading→

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Stories of Impact, Part 1: Empowering Low-Income Students to Plan for a Better Future

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Post by: HSFPP
This blog is part 1 of our series featuring stories from our scholarship winners. These educators have found that financial education is a powerful tool to show students the possibilities beyond their current life circumstances. Many of these stories illuminate how financial education helps students change their perceptions of their own potential and possibilities.  Continue Reading→

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