The Latte Factor: Spread the Message Without the Shame

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Post by: Kimberly Roy
Recently, the latte factor has been criticized for seeming to shame people about their daily habits, or to insinuate that someone who struggles financially would be well-off if only they gave up their daily coffee.  The concept, however, if taught properly can be an educational tool to empower students, not to shame them. Understanding how small expenses can add up to real savings over time encourages students to make mindful daily decisions and to see that that many of their financial goals are within their control.  Continue Reading→

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¿Cómo Puede Ayudar?: Connecting with Spanish-Speaking Parents

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Post by: Kimberly Roy
HSFPP is excited to announce that the Parent Email Templates are now available in both English and Spanish. Instructors can use the templates to send an email to parents and guardians before beginning a new module, extending the financial education conversation beyond the classroom. Continue Reading→

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I Knew My Students Got it When ...

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Post by: Kimberly Roy
Thank you to all of the educators who submitted stories for the "I Knew My Students Got It When ..." contest. Your inspirational stories highlighted how deeply financial educators can impact students' lives. Ten contest winners were selected at random to receive a NEFE scholarship to attend the Jump$tart National Educator Conference in Dallas this November. Read the stories submitted by five of the winners. Continue Reading→

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Financial Stacking: A Modern American Burden

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In this era of information overload, consumers need to develop their own mechanisms to analyze and prioritize their financial choices in order to set realistic financial goals. Continue Reading→

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3 Things Teens Should Know About Debit Cards

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Post by: Susan Sharkey
As many teachers have experienced, a lesson can get waylaid by questions and comments from students. During a recent workshop while talking to a group of preteens and teens, it became apparent that they misunderstood how debit cards work. I just had to pause during our time together for an impromptu conversation about the responsibilities of using a debit card and the undesirable consequences of misusing or losing the card. Continue Reading→

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