The High School Financial Planning Program® (HSFPP) will be retiring on July 31, 2021. Learn more about this decision.

Welcome to HSFPP

Welcome to the Updated HSFPP Experience

The site includes enhancements of favorite resources and new features for instructors, learners and parents. Explore the HSFPP website landmarks.

Instructor Resources—The Main Attraction

  • Download Curriculum. Immediately access everything you need to teach online. Choose the entire curriculum, specific lessons or individual files. 
  • Order Free Printed Materials. It is now even easier to request free printed materials to supplement the learning experience.  
  • Share on Google Classroom. Use the Google Classroom icon to assign individual lesson pages or share specific resource articles with your students. 
  • Find Training Opportunities. Search the calendar to find webinars or local financial education training events. 

New and Improved Features

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Other Pages to Visit

Resource Library

  • Resource Articles. Users can filter HSFPP resources by audience, financial topic or resource type. 
  • Budget Wizard. Walk through the steps of making a budget that works for you.

Student Lesson Pages

  • HSFPP Lesson Pages. Individual lesson pages include all student handouts and related resources. 
  • No Account Required. Learners do not need an account to access materials.

My HSFPP Bookmarks

  • My Budgets. Edit saved budgets created with the new Budget Wizard.
  • My Lessons. Return to favorite lessons.
  • My Resources. Find bookmarked resource articles.