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Financial Services: Care for Your Cash

Lesson 5-4 Financial Service Providers

Travel a few miles from your home, and you will see many places where you can cash a paycheck, open a savings account or get a money order. In this lesson learn to be informed about fees and customer service options before deciding where you conduct your business.

What You’ll LearnSelect a financial service provider. 

Taking it Home

  • Gather information about the variety of ways you and your family can access cash or make purchases while on the road due to travel or when you leave home to attend college.

Learn More

  • Consider your future needs for financial services! Which financial services would you need for different life events? Create criteria you would use to select an appropriate financial service or business to help address the financial needs for any of the following life events: college education or starting a business.

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Talking Points for Parents

While your teen is learning about financial services, consider ways to reinforce learning from home.

  • Take your teen to your own bank or credit union for a first-hand look at the types of services offered. If your teen already has a bank account, this might be a good time for you both to check out any new services or account options