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Money Management: Control Your Cash

Lesson 1-5 Financial Position

Your idea of what it means to be wealthy depends on personal values and circumstances. For some families, being in a comfortable financial position means they can order pizza and still pay the bills. For other families, it means taking exotic vacations or buying a car with cash.

What You’ll LearnExplore strategies to maintain a positive cash flow.

Taking it Home

  • Use the online Budget Wizard to generate several What If scenarios, such as an increase or decrease income or added expenses due to taking on auto-related responsibilities.

Learn More

  • Research to estimate costs to live at home, on campus, or off campus if you will soon be attending a college or a trade school. Use that information create a spending plan for a school semester or trimester. Create another spending plan that fits your lifestyle when school isn't in session, such as over the summer break or winter break. 

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Talking Points for Parents

  • Every family has a different money management system. Whether or not your family keeps a formal budget, talk to your teen about the importance of having a spending plan. Share your own experiences to reinforce classroom lessons.
  • Include your teen in planning for household spending, such as monthly groceries or a major expense.