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Module 1: Decisions and Goals

Lesson 1-1 My Money Story

Financial success is planning for and achieving financial aspirations. Success is not the same for everyone. It is defined by the person who seeks it. Your personal values will define what financial success means to you.

What You’ll LearnExplore how money values and habits impact your financial decisions.

Taking it Home

  • Have a conversation with an adult family member about how their financial goals and values are the same or different from when they were teenagers.

Learn More

  • Determine what you believe to be factors that set teens up to feel in control of their finances, either during high school or as they transition into life on their own. Sketch out messaging as though you might launch an awareness campaign to share with other students and their parents and guardians.

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Talking Points for Parents

  • Every family has a different money management system. Whether or not your family keeps a formal budget, talk to your teen about the importance of having a spending plan. Share your own experiences to reinforce classroom lessons.