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Money Management: Control Your Cash

Lesson 1-1 Money Habits

Habits can help you soar to success or keep you panting on the treadmill, with success always out of reach. In this lesson, examine how your values and money attitudes impact your spending habits and financial decisions.

What You’ll LearnExplore how your values impact your spending and savings decisions.

Taking it Home

  • Outline a personal money motto that describes how you value and use money.
  • Use the Values and Spending Survey task to interview a family member. Compare that person’s responses to your responses.

Learn More

  • For the next week, track how you spend your money. Compare your actual spending to your Money Motto and your Values and Spending Survey results.
  • Stop by your public library or go online to read articles in reputable financial magazines, such as Kiplinger, Fortune, or Forbes.

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Talking Points for Parents

While your teen is learning about money habits, consider ways to reinforce learning from home.

  • Invite your teen to share what he or she is learning in class about money attitudes and personal spending and saving values
  • Share examples of ways that your spending habits or money attitudes have changed over your lifetime.