HSFPP Work Available

Summer Help Wanted

Experienced personal finance teachers to write content for the High School Financial Planning Program.

Description of Work

NEFE is hiring experienced personal finance teachers for temporary contract work during July and August 2013 to develop original instructional content for the HSFPP. Contracted individuals will be assigned specific deliverables based on experience, expertise, and interest. Fee for services is based on deliverables as specified below. Persons contracted to perform work will meet virtually with the HSFPP Director via email and conference calls to plan work and regularly report project status.  

HSFPP Deliverables


Personal Finance Lessons for Middle Grade students (lesson plan, PowerPoint presentation, activities, performance assessment)

$210 per lesson pack

Advanced Personal Finance Lessons for High School students (lesson plan, PowerPoint presentation, activities, performance assessment)

$210 per lesson pack

Assessment Questions and Answer Key for Evaluation Toolkit test bank

$210 per module

Module Capstone Critical Thinking Activities (i.e. Case Studies, Simulations, Projects)

$210 per activity

Who Should Apply

  • Experienced personal finance teachers, for any or all Grades 6-12.
  • Preference will be given to teachers with following certifications: Business, Family and Consumer Science, Marketing, Math, Social Studies
  • Teachers with working knowledge of academic standards for personal finance.
  • Teachers with experience in performance-based learning and authentic assessment.
  • Individuals able to commit at least 6-8 hours per assigned project deliverable, July-August 2013.

How to Apply

  1. Submit an application form to hsfpp@nefe.org or complete the online application.
  2. Submit one or two samples of original personal finance lessons, activities, or assessments.

Applications will be reviewed as received. NEFE will respond to applicants within two business days. Contracts will be executed as applications are accepted and while work is available.