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HSFPP Stories of Impact

When Role Playing an Accident is No Longer Role Play

HSFPP Stories of Impact

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by Danny Guidry, CTE Teacher/DECA Advisor, Granbury, Texas

"This story actually happened very recently. We are working in Module 6, which is the Insurance module. My students found this module really interesting with the role playing of what to do after an accident. Every student participated in the role play event, which is not the case sometimes. We did all this on a Thursday.

On Monday, my student comes in and says, 'Coach Guidry, you may have saved my family a lot of money. We were involved in a car accident this weekend and there was a big misunderstanding of what happened. The lady in the other car jumped out of her car screaming at my mom as if she had done something wrong, but she was simply turning left on a green light. The lady was demanding all this information, statements, and so on. My mom was so upset she couldn't get it together. I remembered our steps from class, so I just called 911, told my mom to come back to the car, and not to provide statements to her or anyone else until police arrived. We were able to get her information too.'

… I was very happy to find that in a moment of crisis … [this student] was able to remember this lesson and apply it to her life. This is what this program is all about: application of real-world issues in the classroom."