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An Opportunity for a Meaningful Conversation

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

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As teens explore their own marketable skills and career interests, Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work® Day is an occasion to weigh factors of choosing a meaningful career path, compare income and employee benefits, and pay attention to employment trends and conditions. By making deliberate job and career decisions, individuals enhance their own earning potential throughout their lifetime and are better positioned to live their preferred lifestyles.

NEFE has provided content to the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation to suggest ways that personal finance can be integrated into the annual event on April 23, 2020. Specifically, the NEFE Activity Guide (pdf) offers a variety of ways for educators, parents, guardians and employers to engage young people in conversations about how career and employment decisions impact financial security.

Action Steps

For your students: Review the Activity Guide (pdf) to select activities to use when preparing your students for the April 23 event or debriefing after the event.

For local parents and guardians: Share the Activity Guide (pdf) now with families so they can initiate conversations at home and discuss relevant financial topics.

For employers: Inform local employers that the Activity Guide (pdf) is available as a tool to share with their employees who will host youth in April.

Engage Your Teen: Sample Discussion Topics

Share your own stories to reinforce what your teen is learning in class or through work experience. Use one of these approaches to talk about jobs and money issues with your teen. 

  • Talk with your teen about temporary or part-time jobs that you had when you were a teen or younger adult. Reflect on what has helped you transition to new jobs. 
  • Describe your job responsibilities and why you chose your career or job. Summarize the path that led you to your current job. From your experiences, share one or two pieces of advice for someone who is getting started in a career. 
  • Talk with your teen about any employee benefits offered through your employer. Provide information about the choices you made regarding benefits and what influenced your final decisions about the job and your benefits. 
  • Know the special rules related to teen employment. Check out the U. S. Department of Labor website, Youth Rules. The site provides current labor law information, lists the types of jobs that youth can and cannot do, and details how to deal with any employment violations. 
  • Discuss with your teen the qualities of a mentor who can provide guidance as a young person is getting started in a career. Identify examples of people you both know who might be suitable mentors for your teen.

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