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HSFPP Stories of Impact

Understanding How Today’s Choices Affect Tomorrow’s Lifestyle

HSFPP Stories of Impact

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by Kim Biggerstaff, Business Teacher/Coach, Frisco, Texas

"My student had no concept of how to manage money. She intently listened in every class and asked questions during the first module of Money Management. After completing her spending habits and creating her SMART Goals she learned that her money was being spent on meaningless items. She then began to manage her money properly, and quickly saw how much money she could save; she set her sights on saving enough money to be putting some into a retirement fund (Roth IRA). She wanted to start it early so she could travel when she reached retirement age.

A year after she graduated she came back and informed me she had been putting $2,000 in savings for the past two years, and would continue doing so until her retirement. She budgets and uses SMART Goals today. She is so excited that she was able to learn about money management and has set her sights on living moderately now, so she can definitely live the lifestyle she wants later. I am so proud they are learning this at such a young age."