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HSFPP Stories of Impact

Planning for a Better Life

HSFPP Stories of Impact

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by Kristy Nickolisen, Business Teacher, Council Bluffs, Iowa

"In our school, we have 67% of our students considered low SES (free and reduced lunch qualifiers), so their families do not have a lot of money. In the lessons on planning for your future I had a student stay after class and tell me that he wants a better future for himself than what his family is living right now. He told me that some weeks they have no money for food and he hardly ever gets new clothes. Unfortunately, I learned his Dad went to jail and he would be living in a foster care situation for a while. He would like to break the cycle of generational poverty that his family is living in.

He did really well on setting goals for himself, including looking for a job, which he got at McDonalds. He is trying to save money from every paycheck and is going to apply for our Pottawattamie Promise Scholarship that students of low-income families, who are first generation college students, can apply for. I hope he gets it! I felt pleased that he recognized the fact that he wants to have a better life for himself and realizes he has the potential to get that for himself!"