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HSFPP Stories of Impact

Money Journal Inspires Student to Change Habits

HSFPP Stories of Impact

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By Daisha Orta, ROP Marketing & Retail Sales Teacher, Montebello, Calif.

It was my first year of teaching, so I really was not sure what to get started on as my first lesson. Searching to see what resources are available I was almost in disbelief to find that HSFPP is completely free to use and that they even will ship you the materials to use for also no cost. So, there it was my answer to start with money management to the students I teach that all have a paid job after school.

Many of the students decided to work simply because they wanted to have their own cash. But little did they know that managing it was a big deal, especially if they wanted to have more of it. After reviewing the money management module, students learned how money habits can make their money grow faster or possibly disappear once they actually realized what habits they had.

After a few weeks of doing tasks and activities, I had a student share that she was keeping a money journal after realizing how much of her income she was actually spending on as she called it "grease and caffeine". She wanted to make better choices and realized that she would have rather saved that money for something she could really utilize, like a laptop she has been wanting, but thought she couldn't afford it, until now.

So, she set up a savings plan in her journal and realized that with a plan she could better her choices and get something she needed, versus something she thought she needed at the time. After sharing with the class what the student had done, they all jumped on board and now keep a journal of their finances so that they can see how to improve.