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HSFPP Stories of Impact

Helping Students Learn How to Make A One-Time Windfall Last

HSFPP Stories of Impact

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by Gracie Briones, Financial Education Training Coordinator, Scottsdale, Ariz.

"I have been teaching the NEFE High School Planning Program to Native American students in an alternative high school. … Students in this Native community receive large trust funds at the age of 18, and most have thoughts that the sum they receive will last forever.

In one particular class, discussing taxes and how much has to be paid on the sums they will receive was a real shocker for a couple of particular students. They considered putting money aside to assure they understood tax implications and the importance of a spending plan to be able to do this, as well as to make the money last. They eye opener was also on how much they could have if they just saved a small portion by the time retirement rolled around. I really enjoyed seeing the students' faces when the lightbulb turned on."