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HSFPP Stories of Impact

Financial Education Key for Teen Struggling to Live On His Own

HSFPP Stories of Impact

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By Barbara Furstenberg, Social Studies, Beaverton, Ore.

I currently teach a personal finance unit as part of senior economics at Glencoe High School in Hillsboro, Oregon. My school has about 37% of its students on free and reduced lunch. My school also has budget problems, and the lack of resources was a big concern for me when I was assigned last school year to teach this course to all 12th graders in my building.

Luckily, I came across HSFPP and ordered all the booklets for each module, and I used them to teach my first personal finance unit. My unit was a success. Students were interested, engaged and clearly valued learning about finance. They scored well on my exam and parents shared with me how excited they were that their kids were learning about personal finance.

My favorite story, however, comes from Travis,* a student who didn't have a parent who came to parent night. Travis was living on his own. He often shared with me his struggles to get by. He often missed school—but when he did attend my class—he was my number one enthusiast for learning personal finance. Travis took extra notes, participated in activities and asked lots of questions. He became a class leader, but he never shared with his peers that he was trying to make it on his own.

*For privacy concerns name has been changed.