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Stories from the 2019 NEFE Sponsorship Winners

she was going home each night and going through the financial lessons with her mom

This year we received 109 applications for 5 sponsorships to the Jump$tart National Educator Conference. HSFPP educators shared stories that shine a light on the lifelong impact financial education can have for teens. Narrowing the entries down to our top five was incredibly difficult — at least half of the applications were considered top contenders.

Thank you to all the educators who submitted their stories, and to all financial education instructors who work hard to empower students with skills to take charge of their futures.

Read the five inspiring stories from the 2019 NEFE Jump$tart National Educator Conference Sponsorship winners.

“Taking it Home” Leads a Family to a New Home

By Brooke Martinez, Business Teacher, Salt Lake City, Utah

I work at an alternative high school. We very rarely have parents come to parent-teacher conferences. One night during a parent-teacher conference, I had a student bring her mom and that is when I found out she was going home each night and going through the financial lessons with her mom.

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Money Journal Inspires Student to Change Habits

By Daisha Orta, ROP Marketing & Retail Sales Teacher, Montebello, Calif.

I had a student share that she was keeping a money journal after realizing how much of her income she was actually spending on as she called it "grease and caffeine". She wanted to make better choices and realized that she would have rather saved that money for something she could really utilize, like a laptop she has been wanting, but thought she couldn't afford it, until now.

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Credit Card Discussion Sparks Interest

By Rachel Yearby, Math Teacher, Lake Orion, Mich.

A few days later we started to talk about simple interest, this is when he had a change of heart. “Mrs. Yearby! You have to pay them all that extra money when you don’t pay off the credit cards, I didn’t know that!” From this moment on he was a completely different student in my personal finance class.

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Insurance Lessons Guide a Family through Tragedy

By Kathleen Szczepaniak, Social Studies Teacher, Glendale, Ariz.

After three days discussing risk and what could happen, one student was absent from class. It turns out that her home caught on fire and her father was killed in the fire trying to save the pets.

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Planning for a Financial Life after College

By Hilary Wimmer, Business Teacher, Westminister, Colo.

I spent the next few weeks meeting with this student regarding college planning. She finally decided that she didn't want to start life burdened by student loans. She has spent her life watching her parents make poor financial decisions and she is determined to not repeat the pattern.

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