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HSFPP Stories of Impact

Teaching Students to Make Intentional Spending Decisions

HSFPP Stories of Impact

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by Joey Running, Business Teacher, Albany, Ore.

"The Values and Spending Survey is sent home the first week of each semester… An explanation is given to not inquire about personal information such as wages or debt, but it is an opportunity for the students and their families to open the discussion of finances, money habits, values and goals. Family finances are, after all, “personal.” As a class, students share reactions, observations and takeaways.

Once, a former student shared a story of his older brother and the brother’s spending experience to impress a girlfriend. The older brother was constantly buying gifts, eating out, going to the movies, never having money for the items he needed to purchase for himself, such as saving for a car or college expenses. “Mrs. Running, I never want to spend money like that,” was his takeaway.

I promised we would discuss and make him aware of what type of spender/saver he was so that he could be more in-tune with why he was making those choices and how he could be more conscious of those decisions. The relief I saw in him was physical and emotional … his shoulders relaxed and I could sense he was ready to learn how his choices could prevent him from having the same spending habits as his brother."