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HSFPP Stories of Impact

Insurance Lessons Guide a Family through Tragedy

HSFPP Stories of Impact

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By Kathleen Szczepaniak, Social Studies Teacher, Glendale, Ariz.

While engaged in the Module 6: Insurance: Protect What You Have, I began with having students complete a personal property inventory. This is nothing fancy, but a mere list of items in the student's bedroom. After that we began reading and discussing ways to manage risk.

After three days discussing risk and what could happen, one student was absent from class. It turns out that her home caught on fire and her father was killed in the fire trying to save the pets. (Sad and extreme-yes!) The mother knew nothing about insurance or family finances since the father had handled everything. The student asked my advice, as a teacher, and the two of us went through the Module 5 & 6 booklets for advice.

We wrote lists of what the family needed to look for, as far as paperwork goes. Apparently, they did have property insurance and the student and her mother made a list of all items in the home. (Made easier since the student already had completed this for her room.)

The father had life insurance and the information in Module 6 made it easier for the mother to understand how insurance works. HSFPP helped this family through their most tragic time and dealing with life situations as they were unfolding. The student used all she learned from HSFPP to help her mother and siblings survive the ordeal.