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HSFPP Stories of Impact

Teens Takes Budgeting Lessons Home to Help Grandma

HSFPP Stories of Impact

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by Jeanne F Davis, Business Teacher, Richmond, Va.

I use these lessons to supplement our course, either as homework or when I begin our "hardcore" review and remediation, as we push toward the W!SE Financial Literacy Certification Exam. These modules are an excellent way to reinforce the material without appearing redundant.

Earlier this year, I had a student return to my class one evening, having graduated about four years ago. He said he wanted to thank me for teaching him this class, and especially about budgeting and how to manage money. He said he had gone home that night and told his grandmother (whom he lived with) about the lesson and how much sense it made to him. She had quietly passed him the stack of bills that were in front of her and her checkbook and said, "Then see what you can do with this." He sat down with her, paid her bills and set up a budget for her that very night. He learned that they had been just weeks from losing their apartment and their car.

Today, he is a financial manager—working on his master’s degree in business at night. And he still pays grandma's bills and manages her budget!