The High School Financial Planning Program® (HSFPP) will be retiring on July 31, 2021. Learn more about this decision.


Get Involved with Financial Education for Teens

Do you want to be involved with financial education in your community, school, or family? The need for financial education for teens and young adults has never been greater, and there are many ways that parents and trusted professionals in the community can play a role in the student's learning process.

Teach Teens Money Management Skills


If you are a teacher, a community volunteer, or involved with a nonprofit youth organization, use our program materials to teach a personal finance class or facilitate a workshop. Choose the 45-minute lessons that best fit your instruction schedule and the needs of your students.

Take Action

Become familiar with our program by learning About the Program and examining content samples.

Tell Your Local Schools or Community Youth Groups


The HSFPP materials are intended to be used in classrooms or workshop settings where teens interact with an instructor. Seek out opportunities to introduce the program to educators and youth organization leaders in your area. Our materials are designed to stand alone or complement other resources, so point out how the HSFPP can fit into any personal finance program.

Take Action

  • Share information About the Program.
  • Order a marketing kit with sample materials. Order one for yourself and extras to leave behind when you meet with decision-makers.
  • Talk to educators and community leaders to tell them about the value of personal finance education and the benefits of the HSFPP.

Support Financial Literacy in High Schools


Investigate what is happening locally to become familiar with financial literacy initiatives in your community or state. Each state has unique programs with a variety of ways for you to be involved with existing financial literacy efforts.

Take Action

  • Teach or co-teach a personal finance class or workshop using the HSFPP materials. 
  • Contact your state's HSFPP representatives to find out how you can support state HSFPP training events.
  • Go to the national Jump$tart Coalition website to find information about personal finance events for teachers in your state.
  • Look at your state's Board of Education website to become familiar with any state financial literacy mandates or initiatives. 
  • Talk to your board of education and other school system decision makers about the value of including financial education in the K-12 curriculum.