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HSFPP Stories of Impact

Former Student Credits Success to Personal Finance

HSFPP Stories of Impact

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by Mary Bristol, Richmondville, NY

Ada*, who graduated about five years ago, was the student who took the course to heart. She would come in and tell me of conversations she had with her single mother about wasteful spending, such as ordering pizza delivered when there was food in the house or paying bills late./p>

Ada was all set to go to college away [from home] until we explored college costs. Ada and her single mom could not afford it. So she stayed local for college, lived at home and worked while in school. She also took courses while in high school for college credit and was able to graduate college a year early.

Ada came out of college debt-free with a degree in business. I recently ran into her, she has a well-paying local job and she is still living at home. She has started also interning on weekends with a local realtor to work on getting her realtor’s license. Her ultimate goal is to sell real estate but also fix and flip houses. She saves most of her paycheck and believes she can buy a fixer-upper house soon by paying cash.

Coming from a lower-middle class, single-mother home, Ada credits her success to not only working hard and being dedicated but also to taking Personal Finance which taught her to make SMART choices, budget wisely and let her money work for her.

*Student name has been changed for privacy.