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HSFPP Stories of Impact

Empowering Teens with Everyday Life Skills

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HSFPP Stories of Impact

by Wendy Costa, Special Education Instructor, Ontario, Ca.

I work with alternative special education high school students who for various reasons, (expulsion, gang, juvenile hall, pregnancy, teen mother or father, mental illness, and social issues) are on independent studies.  These are students who are on welfare, living out of cars, or are in financial need for just the basic needs of life.

When I have gone over the lessons on what is a need versus what is not needed and they make list of their daily spending, weekly, and monthly it is interesting to see the light go on, when they realize how much money they have wasted on items not needed.

The other lessons that seem to really open their eyes is Module 3, net pay, taxes.  Many of them work, but have never filed taxes as they didn't think they would get any money and would have to pay more.  I feel these are the types of students who desperately need this everyday life skills type of education.

When a student comes in with his/her pay stub and is able to show me what everything means on it with a smile on his face or a young mom says she figured out if she skips Starbucks she can pay for her child's diapers, it shows me they have learned a skill that will help them for the rest of their lives.