Tell Your Teachers & School Administrators

Introduce the HSFPP to Local Schools or Community Youth Groups

The HSFPP materials are intended to be used in classrooms or workshop settings where teens interact with an instructor. Seek out opportunities to introduce the program to educators and youth organization leaders in your area. Our materials are designed to stand alone or complement other resources, so point out how the HSFPP can fit into any personal finance program.

Take Action

  • Become familiar with our program by reading About the Program and reviewing content samples.  
  • Attend an Intro to the HSFPP webinar or HSFPP training.
  • Go to Order Info Kit to request information kits with sample materials. Order one for yourself and extras to leave behind when you meet with decision-makers.
  • Talk to educators and community leaders to tell them about the value of personal finance education and the benefits of the HSFPP.

Want to reference HSFPP on your website?

Select one of the images below that best fit your needs. The "Get Code" button will produce an embed code that you can simply paste onto your site. When the image appears on your site it will provide a hyperlink back to the HSFPP homepage. 

If you would like to give people more information about the HSFPP you can download this document with additional HSFPP text that you can include on your website. If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected].

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