Ordering is Free and Easy: Let NEFE Cover Your Curriculum Costs

Post by: Kimberly Roy
Reminder to place your order for HSFPP printed materials

All HSFPP curriculum components can be downloaded online, but did you know that you also can order printed materials and have them shipped directly to your school or organization for FREE? NEFE covers all of the costs to print, ship and deliver your materials!

It's easy to place an order. Just log in as an instructor, select "Get Materials" then click then click on the orange "Order" button (left panel on a desktop, select from the drop down on mobile devices). You then can choose the quantity of each item, and schedule when you would like your materials delivered. We will schedule delivery for spring, summer or fall classes as requested.

You can order the following printed materials:

1. Student Guides

Each of the six HSFPP modules has a separate student guide. Instructors can order each student guide for every student or just the guides that will be covered in the class or workshop.Learners can keep the student guides to reference later. Each semester, instructors are encouraged to order new copies for incoming students at no cost.

2. Instructor Pack

Online is the only place to find all of HSFPP's instructional materials, but teachers can order an Instructor Pack to get started.

The pack includes:

  • Teacher lesson plans
  • Student learning plans
  • Complete set of six student guides
  • Color-coded 3-ring binder dividers for each module
  • Teachers can add specific lesson materials and activities from the website to personalize their binder.

    3. Student Certificates

    Present your learners with Certificates of Participation, whether they have completed a one-hour HSFPP workshop or a full semester of personal finance using HSFPP materials. From the website you can log in and download the editable PDF version to use immediately or order a batch of paper copies.

    Specify on the certificate what the learners have accomplished during the learning experience, by topic and by level of achievement.

    4. Information Kit

    The HSFPP Information Kit is a promotional package of materials that describes our program. The kit can be used as a tool to introduce the program at your school. If you are already using the HSFPP, you probably do not need this kit.

    The Information Kit includes an informational flyer and one sample Student Guide.

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