MoneyTeach Partner Highlight: Next Gen Personal Finance

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The HSFPP content is designed to be used as a stand-alone program or in collaboration with other favorite activities and resources. To help HSFPP users get familiar with new MoneyTeach partner, Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF), check out six of their favorite resources.


In this learn-as-you-go activity, students will play our college decision-making simulation, Payback, and learn about tradeoffs by balancing their academics, social life and happiness with their student debt levels.

CREATE: A Salary-Based Budget

In this Activity, students will be able to try their hand at managing an adult’s salaried budget, make financial decisions based on their take-home pay, and learn the concept of “pay yourself first.” The assignment isn’t complete until the budget is balanced!

PROJECT: Overdraft Fee Analysis

Students will be able to compare the different overdraft fees between major banks and make an informed decision on whether or not overdraft fee protection works for them. This project emphasizes the need to take a hard look a bank’s fine print when it comes to fees.

PROJECT: Introducing Insurance -- You Be the Teacher

This Project has students get up out of their seats, group up, and become experts on one type of insurance. The end goal is for each group to teach the insurance they researched in a way that the rest of the class will understand.

PROJECT: 5 Stocks on Your Birthday

A fan favorite! Students research the historical performance of 5 stocks on their 10th birthday and compare what their return on investment (ROI) would be today had they started investing all those years ago.

CALCULATE: Completing a 1040EZ

Filling out a 1040EZ has never been easier with this step-by-step activity! Students will complete a 1040EZ using the profiles provided and audit one another’s at the end for any mistakes.

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