New Lesson: Auto Accidents Happen

Post by: Kimberly Roy

This week my oldest child turned 16. Seeing Derek behind the wheel of a car causes my mind to catalogue all that might go wrong to my “little” (6’2”) guy. While I am very lucky that he is a responsible and cautious teenager, I know that accidents happen to even the most responsible drivers.

Lesson 6-4, Auto Accidents Happen

NEFE has added a new HSFPP lesson to Module 6 to help teens prepare for issues that result from vehicle accidents, whether they are driving or passengers. In this lesson students learn about how auto insurance works. In addition, they demonstrate how to navigate through events if they are ever involved in or a witness to an auto accident. As a result of the lesson, students will be better prepared to take care of insurance matters following an auto accident.

Target Learning Outcomes, demonstrate what to do after an auto accident. Explain how auto insurance works. Clarify what is covered by auto insurance. Outline what to do after an auto accident.

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