Stories of Impact: Appreciating Presents Takes on a New Meaning

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Post by: HSFPP
What presents are your students asking for this holiday season? Mathematics instructor Teja Phillips shares how teaching the advantages of investing early inspired one of her students to drastically change her wish list. Continue Reading→

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9 Ways Student Organizations Build Practical Money Habits

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Post by: Susan Sharkey
In a time when young adults are underprepared to manage complex financial decisions, but overconfident in their ability to do so, how and where do youth develop financial literacy? Student financial education experiences vary for a variety of reasons. Youth organizations fill the gaps, especially when the varied experiences and circumstances of club members are taken into consideration. Continue Reading→

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Stories of Impact: Exploring Creative Decision Options

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Post by: HSFPP
by HSFPP Educator Tammy Darling "Last semester, as I was discussing SMART goals and the DECIDE action steps in lesson 1-2 with my high school independent living class, we talked about a dilemma from the booklet where Michael needs new tires for his car." Continue Reading→

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Stories of Impact: Starting an “Adult” Family Conversation

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Post by: HSFPP
Have your students had an adult financial conversation with their family? HSFPP educator Mandy Farrow shares the story of her student who used the language and knowledge she learned in class to start a conversation with her mom.  Continue Reading→

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Stories of Impact: Uncovering the Implicit Values of Different Job Opportunities

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Post by: HSFPP
Social studies educator Heather Leon shares how comparing job benefits taught her students to think beyond the paycheck when considering job opportunities.  Continue Reading→

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