Introducing On Your Own: A Personal Finance Blog for Young Adults

Post by: HSFPP
Who says financial education has to be boring? NEFE’s On Your Own is a blog for young adults, proving money management can be both informative and entertaining. Continue Reading→

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Stories of Impact: Applying Lessons to Life

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Post by: Kimberly Roy
Would your students know what to do if someone used their credit cards without their permission? Business instructor Colet Pierce shares how her student responded when placed in that situation.  Continue Reading→

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Financial Education: Deciding What to Teach in 3 Steps

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Post by: Susan Sharkey
When faced with the opportunity to teach personal finance, list key concepts needed for your learners’ financial decision-making and select specific topics to teach during a time-bound experience. Streamline the planning process into three steps. Continue Reading→

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Stories of Impact: Bringing the Lesson Home

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Post by: HSFPP
Math instructor Christopher Wiley shares how his student used what she learned in class to help her mom make mindful credit card decisions.  Continue Reading→

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Stories of Impact: Adulting Brings Financial Lessons to Life

12-26-17 Barbara Harmon.png
Post by: HSFPP
Sometimes students may not truly understand a lesson until later life events bring it into focus. HSFPP Army Instructor Barbara Harmon tells the story of one of her students who returned to share her "Aha" moment.  Continue Reading→

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