Get Started with HSFPP Materials

Whether you are a teacher or community volunteer, we have resources for you to use in financial education classes or workshops. You may use the HSFPP content only for noncommercial instructional and educational purposes. You may not use any HSFPP content for any commercial purpose or charge a fee in exchange for the content.

Teachers, Youth Organization Leaders, Home School Educators

  1. Register as a Teacher.
  2. Log In to the HSFPP website where you will automatically have access to the entire collection of teacher resources.
  3. Download or view resources from the website to immediately start using all program materials.
  4. Place an online order if you need print materials (Instructor Pack and/or Student Guides) delivered to your school or organization.
  5. Look for HSFPP Teacher Training options that fit into your schedule.

Students and Parents

  1. Register as a Student.
  2. Log In to the HSFPP website where you will automatically have access to all student classroom resources.

Classroom Volunteers and Community Financial Educators 

  1. Participate in an Introduction to the HSFPP Webinar to become familiar with the program.
  2. Register as a Volunteer/Guest Speaker.
  3. Log In to the HSFPP website where you will automatically have access to the instructor resources.
  4. Download or view resources from the website so you can introduce the program content to teachers.
  5. Place an online order for Information Kits when you want to introduce educators to the program.
  6. Show teachers how to register so they can access the online teacher resources and order Instructor Packs and Student Guides to be delivered to a school or youth organization. (Student Guides will only be sent to schools or nonprofit organizations for instructional use.)  

Program Materials

Program Materials Available to Ship

  • Student Guides for Modules 1-6 (Order one per student for each Module topic you will teach.)
  • Student Certificates of Participation
  • Instructor Pack
  • Information Kit (Use the kit to introduce educators to the program.)

Program Materials Available Online

  • Ever-growing collection of lesson plans with supporting teaching materials Visual aids for each lesson (MS PowerPoint)
  • Student Guides (available in .pdf format)
  • Student activities and assessments Student quizzes and polls Teacher exchange forum Personal finance reference material

Information Kit

The NEFE HSFPP Information Kit is a promotional package of materials that describes our program. The kit can be used as a tool to introduce the program at your school. If you are already using the HSFPP, you probably do not need this kit.

The Information Kit includes an informational flyer and one sample Student Guide.