The High School Financial Planning Program® (HSFPP) will be retiring on July 31, 2021. Learn more about this decision.

Evaluation Results

HSFPP Periodic Independent Evaluations

The HSFPP curriculum periodically is updated to reflect consumer trends, industry changes and user feedback. After each new version of the curriculum has been in circulation for two to three years, the program undergoes an independent evaluation for effectiveness.

2018 Evaluation Results

The most recent study of the program found that students receiving financial education based predominately on the HSFPP outpace those learning from other curricula and resources in positive behavior formation and confidence.

The study shows how the HSFPP’s plan-driven, competency-based approach is making a difference in long-term financial capability. The HSFPP doesn’t just teach information or show students how to manage a financial task — it guides them to do it for themselves so they can apply it to their own lives and return in the future to do it again successfully. As a result, HSFPP students are better at demonstrating and forming positive behaviors than those who have taken alternative financial education courses. HSFPP students also had greater average gains in confidence than those from other programs.

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